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Fujian Jian'ou bamboo industry: stick to the "green mountains" and stay rooted in "innovation"

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Xiaoman has just passed, and Jian'ou City, Fujian Province has ushered in a rainy season. Under the wet rain, moso bamboo, which can be seen everywhere in Jian'ou, has become more green and straight

there are many bamboos in Jian'ou. According to Chen Jianxin, Secretary of the municipal Party committee of Jian'ou, Jian'ou is the first hometown of bamboo in China. The bamboo forest area of the city is 1.473 million mu, and the annual production of bamboo is 39.35 million. The area of Phyllostachys pubescens forest, the amount of standing bamboo, bamboo and fresh bamboo shoots all rank first in counties and cities across the country

Jian'ou produces good bamboo. This sentence must come from many entrepreneurs with accurate vision. Whether it is Shengxiang Huayu group, which is known as "the largest bamboo floor production enterprise in China", or Fujian Dazhuang Bamboo Technology Co., Ltd., which was the first company engaged in the research, development and utilization of bamboo resources in China, they all gave a positive thumbs up to the quality of bamboo in Jian'ou

there are many bamboos and they are good. Jian'ou also knows how to do "bamboo" Kung Fu. Yu lexiong, director of Jian'ou Bureau of industrial informatization and commerce, said that in the past, Jian'ou bamboo processing enterprises mainly used bamboo chopsticks, bamboo sticks and other primary processing products, with low added value and low core competitiveness. Subsequently, Jian'ou encouraged enterprises to carry out technological research and development through transformation and upgrading around the positioning of building a leader in the output value of 100 billion yuan of forest products industry

with the support of industrial funds and the introduction of various policies, many high-quality enterprises have landed in Jian'ou. Later, bamboo plywood, heavy bamboo flooring, bamboo planing veneer, bamboo pulp paper, bamboo charcoal fiber and other high-tech products with high added value began to emerge in Jian'ou

now, the foundation stone laying ceremony of the second phase of the holy elephant project with an investment of 510million has been completed on April 7 this year; Fujian Dazhuang Bamboo Technology Co., Ltd. will build a new modern heavy bamboo production line with a total investment of 150million this year, which will become a new growth pole of Jian'ou bamboo and wood industry after completion. A number of high-quality enterprises such as MARUMI bamboo and wood, Ruijing, panorama and Meiju have moved from Fuzhou and Minhou to Jianou Chengdong Industrial Park. In 2020, the output value of bamboo industry in Jian'ou city was 14.2 billion, an increase of 6.04%

rich in resources and fruitful results, but the shortcomings of the development of Jian'ou bamboo industry have also gradually emerged

Lizhisheng, chairman of Fujian Shuangyi Bamboo Development Co., Ltd., said that at present, moso bamboo is basically cut down by manpower. How to realize the mechanization of bamboo cutting and transportation is a major problem facing the bamboo products industry. As the bamboo cutting workers grow older, this job lacks the injection of young labor. The worst result is to immediately communicate with customers. As a result, no one is cutting moso bamboo all over the mountain, and the bamboo products industry is short of raw materials. "In the final analysis, technological breakthroughs are still needed to change the current situation of artificial bamboo cutting."

Lin Hai, chairman of Fujian Dazhuang Bamboo Industry Technology Co., Ltd., pointed out the importance of scientific and technological innovation for Jian'ou bamboo industry to take a "low-carbon road". "How to improve the utilization rate of the bamboo industry and reduce the waste of resources is very important for the government and enterprises. As enterprises, what we can do is to actively participate in the 'industry, University, research and application' of the bamboo industry, continue to cooperate with colleges and universities, and break through this key technical bottleneck as soon as possible."

"bamboo cutting automation", "whole bamboo utilization", "waste disposal"... How do these core technologies of "neck sticking" promote their breakthroughs? The answer given by Jian'ou is to gather the wisdom of all and adopt the strengths of all families

for this reason, at the third China bamboo shoot industry (Jian'ou) Summit Forum held not long ago, the Jian'ou municipal government invited Li Ruxin, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and President of the Shanghai Institute of higher studies of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, to build a fatigue testing machine with a Chinese brand to measure the fatigue characteristics, fatigue life, and Many experts and scholars in the field of bamboo industry, such as the chairman of the Association for the promotion of prefabricated cracks and crack expansion experiment, the chairman of the Advisory Group of the Technical Committee for brand evaluation of the international organization for standardization, Liu Pingjun, former deputy director of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, and Li Fengbo, deputy director of the international bamboo and rattan center, gathered in Jian'ou to discuss the "Bamboo Road"

Liu Ping commented that the Jian'ou municipal Party committee and government combined local characteristics to create a "Jian Zi Hao" city brand with "good quality" as the core value, implemented the brand development strategy of strengthening the city, and focused on creating a number of "Jian Zi Hao" series products with industrial development foundation, such as Jian tea, Jian lamps, Jian bamboo, Jian bamboo shoots, Jian wine, Jian rice, Jian hazelnut, Jian medicine, Jian food, etc., to promote the high-quality development of local economy

as the host, Chen Jianxin pointed out at the meeting that 2021 is a year of progress towards the goals of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutralization". Jian'ou bamboo industry will further give play to the low-carbon and environmental protection characteristics of bamboo, firmly "bite" the "green mountain" of green development, and strengthen the bamboo industry with scientific and technological empowerment, so that the "root" of Jian'ou bamboo industry will be deeply rooted in the fertile soil of "scientific and technological innovation"

At the forum, many experts and scholars gave suggestions for the development of Jian'ou bamboo industry. Wei Wei, vice president of the Shanghai Institute of advanced research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, proposed to promote the construction of the "carbon neutrality" demonstration zone in Jian'ou city; Li Yanxia, a senior project officer of the international bamboo and rattan organization, suggested that the technology of bamboo biomass energy preparers and their supporting facilities should be developed in depth, and the "handshake" energy system should be used to increase the conversion rate and loading capacity of bamboo biomass energy; Li Yanjun, a professor at Nanjing Forestry University, suggested to seize the strategic opportunity of the development of outdoor recombinant bamboo, build a global outdoor material center, and realize the large-scale industrialized utilization of bamboo

Chen Jianxin said that in the future, Jian'ou will actively play the role of science and Technology Commissioner and strive to be in the forefront of Fujian Province in exploring new business forms of carbon sequestration trading and helping green transformation and development. Give full play to the technical and talent advantages of scientific research institutions such as the bamboo industry (Jian'ou) branch of the collaborative innovation academy, the Northern Fujian Branch of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and the county and city nodes of the first STS plan project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Fujian Province, break through a number of core technologies such as "full bamboo utilization" and "waste disposal in China's plastic machinery market", so as to make the bamboo industry in Jian'ou grow "greener and straighter"

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