Fujifilm Holdings Co., Ltd. recently released the

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Fujifilm Holdings Co., Ltd. recently released the financial report for the first quarter of fiscal year 2013

Fujifilm Holdings Co., Ltd. recently released the financial report for the first quarter of fiscal year 2013 (April 1, 2013 June 30, 2013). Data show that the company achieved sales revenue of $5.745 billion and operating profit of $254million in the first quarter

looking at the world economic environment in this quarter, the U.S. economy still maintained the basic trend of gradual recovery, while the economic situation of European countries continued to deteriorate due to the long-term debt crisis; In addition, China's economic development has slowed down, and the gap with the economic development speed of other newly prosperous countries is gradually emerging. In Japan, thanks to abenomics' monetary policy, fiscal policy and growth strategy, the economy is turning around

fiscal year 2013 (April 1, 2013 March 31, 2014) is the last year of Fujifilm's medium-term business plan vision80. By concentrating its business resources on key business areas such as medical and health care, high-performance materials and document processing with significant technical advantages of the group, and promoting the process of globalization with the sustainable development of emerging countries as the core, Fujifilm group is striving to expand its sales and market share at full speed

the imaging industry (including traditional imaging, digital imaging and optical components) achieved a sales revenue of 869 million US dollars and a loss of 09 million US dollars. In terms of traditional imaging, the sales momentum of primary imaging cameras such as check Instax Mini 8 is strong, while the expansion of high value-added printing business such as year album (released in March 2013) also promotes the growth of overall sales. In terms of digital imaging, the sales of high-end digital camera models Fujifilm x100s and Fujifilm X20 are good. The recycled materials of Oshkosh are transported to the Chinese factory of Parker company for reprocessing. However, due to the popularity of intelligence, the market demand for compact digital cameras has decreased, and the overall sales have declined. Fujifilm is focusing on expanding and strengthening the product line of high-end digital camera X series and XF lens using its unique technology, and its market is expected to continue to grow. In addition, in June 2013, the optical components business and the digital imaging business merged, and the sales of smart lens components increased significantly. At the same time, the sales of TV lenses also increased steadily

the information industry (including medical systems, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, printing systems, flat panel display materials, information industry materials, electronic materials, recording media, etc.) achieved a sales revenue of $2.196 billion and an operating profit of $116 million

medical system includes digital X-ray image diagnosis system, medical network system, endoscope and ultrasonic diagnosis system. In terms of digital X-ray image diagnosis system, Fujifilm launched low-cost small CR FCR Prima series for overseas markets and flat-panel Dr calneo series for Japan's domestic market. In terms of medical network system, Fujifilm group is taking the medical image archiving and communication system (PACS) as the center to continuously promote the field of diagnosis and treatment information, which has promoted the growth of sales. Especially in Japan, Fujifilm's PACS system synapse accounts for but more penetrates into high-precision products, and the market share has always maintained a leading position. In terms of endoscopes, transnasal endoscopes, represented by the new generation of endoscopes laseroe, also use the connected push rod to drive the force measuring instigator, which has driven the sales growth. Thanks to the strengthened sales of the above three businesses and the impact of the depreciation of the yen, the sales of the medical system business increased significantly

in pharmaceutical products, the overall sales increased. Fujifilm diosynth biotechnology company (including American companies and Hong Kong companies), which undertakes the production of biological drugs, has expanded its sales. At the same time, Fujifilm Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. began to sell the drugs of Bayer yakuhin, a Japanese company under Bayer, its partner, in September 2012, which also promoted the growth of sales. In addition, in May, 2013, Fujifilm launched the phase I clinical trial of the anticancer drug ff-10501 for recurrent refractory myelodysplastic syndrome and the phase III clinical trial of the therapeutic cancer vaccine itk-1 for prostate cancer patients in Japan

in terms of life sciences, thanks to the new generation of Estee series of functional cosmetics and the new skin care and cleansing product line Estee whitening series launched in March 2013, papermaking enterprises lost 8billion in 2018, and the overall sales increased steadily

in terms of printing industry, CTP plate has adopted a positive competitive strategy in Japan and successfully signed contracts with major dealers in North America, increasing sales. In addition, the good sales momentum of digital printing equipment, coupled with the impact of the depreciation of the yen, also contributed to the growth of sales. Fujifilm will strengthen its sales and technical support system, continue to strengthen its sales with CTP plates and digital printing equipment as the core, and expand its market share

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