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At the end of May, the olefin plant of Yangzi Petrochemical Co., Ltd. had an unbalanced product structure. At the same time, it also controlled a warning light. The rectification system of the diene unit was closed and cut off water system. This kind of system originally created by a teenager will be transported to the "great Pacific Garbage belt" this summer for small-scale transformation. It not only improved the on-site environment, but also reduced the product loss of about 5 kg per unit per cut of water

the water value of butadiene product is one of the key indicators to measure product quality. According to the original process operation flow, the reflux drum of the first distillation column of the three butadiene units is attached with a water cut tank to settle and discharge the free water generated by the distillation system, and the on-site direct discharge method is adopted. According to the system needs, each device needs to cut off water at least 6 times a day. During the water cutting operation, in order to meet the quality requirements of product water value, the shift operators try to cut off the water as much as possible, which inevitably leads to the loss of a small amount of butadiene materials. Moreover, due to the high tank pressure, the safety risk can not be underestimated, and the site odor is heavy

in this regard, Yangzi olefin plant organized technicians to tackle key problems and decided to implement technical transformation to solve problems from the root. Recently, the transformation of the closed water cut-off system was successfully completed, and the wastewater from the following aspects was successfully discharged to the flash tank of the amine scrubber, realizing the closed recovery of the wastewater, significantly improving the on-site odor, effectively reducing the loss of butadiene products, and achieving the expected results

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