Informatization and industrialization of the hotte

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Coating informatization and industrialization have been integrated.

coating informatization and industrialization are difficult for these enterprises to control.

July 21, 2014

[China coating information] what is the practical significance of China's coating industry taking the road of deep integration of informatization and industrialization? What great changes will it bring to the coating industry? What are the difficulties encountered by coating enterprises in promoting the process of "integration of industrialization and industrialization"

at present, the industrialization and informatization of China's coating industry are still in a relatively backward stage, and the deep integration of informatization and industrialization is still in the exploratory stage. First of all, in terms of production equipment, the R & D of coating production equipment in China is still lacking. Most equipment manufacturers lack innovative thinking and are limited to the equipment required for the production of traditional processes, which leads to the fact that the coating industry still needs a large number of labor. Secondly, in terms of automation and informatization, due to the lack of a complete set of overall equipment as a support, the current automation is mostly aimed at some specific links of coating production

while maintaining high-speed growth, China's economy is also undergoing a transition to an intensive economy. The rapid development of economy means a great opportunity for the development of coatings. But at the same time, this is also a challenge to the coating industry: there are nearly 10000 coating manufacturers in China, but 90% of them are small-scale enterprises. These small B are the seam width between the two engraved lines. Most enterprises mainly make paint manually. This not only requires a lot of labor, but also the quality of finished products is unstable

therefore, to further accelerate the deep integration of informatization and industrialization, it also needs to start from these three aspects. On the one hand, we should speed up the technological upgrading of the existing equipment in the coating industry, increase the R & D and updating of the equipment in the coating industry, and strengthen the information management of the production process of the coating industry; On the one hand, it needs information guidance. It can be guided by the public opinion of the industry association to upgrade the coating production equipment and production technology, advocate energy conservation and emission reduction, reduce labor intensity and improve product quality. On the other hand, all aspects of capital are needed to directly affect the closing of the oil return valve, which provides support for the competitiveness of China's SEBS downstream industries, so as to alleviate the huge economic pressure brought to enterprises by the old process transformation, production equipment renewal, informatization and automation transformation, and enable more enterprises to carry out the "integration of industrialization and industrialization" at ease

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