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According to the actual situation of the economic development zone and the base enterprises, the skillful handling of the rules for printing and mouthing

the general method for printing workers to measure the size of the mouthpiece of film without positioning holes is to put the film to be dried on the PS plate, measure it on the left, measure it on the right, and then measure the distance between the left and right of the film to P. traditional composite materials have achieved great success in the aerospace industry. The distance between the left and right sides of version s makes the picture and text on the film centered, Its size meets the requirements of the printing press. Obviously, this method is troublesome to operate, takes a long time, and the sun version is not very accurate. For this reason, in our work, we have summarized the method of using the waste PS plate edge strip as the printing plate mouth rule, and achieved good results. The specific methods are as follows:

1. Punch one side of the exposed and developed waste PS plate (if there is no punch, it is OK not to punch), and cut a 65cm wide edge strip on the side of the positioning hole with a single-sided blade. Pay attention to the trim

2. On the cut edge strip, first draw the center line with a ball pen, and then draw one or two parallel long lines on the edge strip according to the mouth size required by each printing machine, so that the distance from each parallel line to the side with positioning hole is equal to the mouth of each printing machine, but there is a certain difficulty in the implementation of the external wall self insulation system

3. Seal the drawn center line and long horizontal line with transparent tape to prevent line abrasion after long-term use

after the above three steps, the printing plate is finished with a regular ruler in its mouth. So how to use it when printing

1. Align the positioning hole on the ruler with the positioning hole on the PS plate. For the ruler without positioning hole, align the two right angles below the ruler with the two right angles on the mouth side of the PS plate. Then press the iron (lead block) on both ends of the ruler. This step is best operated on the table

2. Put the film to be aired on the PS plate, so that the nip line on the film overlaps with the nip line of the corresponding printer on the ruler, and the center line overlaps with the center line on the ruler. Then fix the positioned film on the PS plate with transparent tape to prevent the film from shifting. Then take the ruler and take the PS plate pasted with film to the plate printer for printing

in case of special circumstances, if it is necessary to increase or reduce the size of its mouth, use transparent tape to fill up the white board or paper strip with lines on the ruler. Increase the size of the mouth with three pieces of white board paper with lines, and reduce the size of the mouth with two pieces of paper with horizontal lines. Make the distance from the horizontal line on the paper strip or paper piece to the side with the positioning hole on the ruler equal to the new jaw size. The left and right positions of the lines are determined by the position of the mouth line on the film on the ruler

in practical work, it is found that the ruler has the following advantages:

1, simple and convenient operation

2. The speed of measuring its mouth is fast, and the work efficiency is improved

3. The size of the exposed PS version's mouth is very accurate, and the picture and text are centered on the left and right

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