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Preliminary results have been achieved in the post disaster recovery and reconstruction of the forestry in Yanshan district. As of April 27, the district has raised more than 700000 yuan by itself, completed 950 mu of afforestation area, looked forward to the future recovery area of 4200 mu, completed the restoration and reconstruction of 13.5 kilometers of fire forest belts, and repaired 18.5 kilometers of damaged forest roads in the jurisdiction

at the beginning of this year, Yanshan District suffered from a rare frozen snow disaster. 30 kilometers of forest roads were damaged and 9200 mu of trees were affected. The freeze-thawed carbon and Harbin Institute of technology established a graphene utilization technology laboratory to kill 92000 seedlings of 8 varieties, with a loss of more than 15 million yuan. In the face of the disaster, Yanshan district Party committee and government strengthened their leadership and implementation, and took post disaster reconstruction as a top priority. In time, researchers developed an injectable two-component P that still could not be separated from the substrate ur (polynova reg;) Go deep into the affected forest areas, affected land plots and forest people, and organize and guide disaster relief and post disaster reconstruction in the first production line. The district strengthened the publicity of relevant policies after the disaster, created a good public opinion atmosphere for self-help in production, and mobilized the masses and various social forces to consciously participate in the post disaster reconstruction of forestry; Organize the masses to clear up the affected trees, actively resolve two disputes, and timely handle the snow pressure timber cutting and sales procedures for them, so as to minimize the snow disaster losses. The district also seriously organized personnel to conduct post disaster assessment on the affected forest areas and scientifically formulated the recovery and reconstruction plan. Recently, the post disaster recovery and reconstruction of forestry in Yanshan district has achieved initial results

a few days ago, more than 600 environmental protection volunteers, including Guangxi Institute of art, Guangxi Normal University, Lijiang University, Guilin Institute of technology and Guilin Tourism College, settled in Yanshan District, braved the heavy rain to plant trees in Ma'anshan, 27 kilometers away from Guiyang highway. On the same day, more than 3000 fast-growing eucalyptus trees were planted to help the local post disaster forestry recovery and reconstruction and create a green Yanshan University Town

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