Injection mold with the most popular rotary demoul

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Rotary demoulding injection mold the mold in the figure is used to manufacture hemispherical products. Part of it turns into the diameter plane of the spherical surface from one side, which makes it impossible for the products to demould directly from the punch

the structure of the die ensures that the product rotates relative to the edge of its turning part for unloading, which is realized by plate 1. Connect plate 1 and plate 6 with sleeve 7, and plate 6 is fixed on the push out mechanism. The lower part of the plate 1 is provided with a groove in which a pin 5 is arranged, and the other end of the pin 5 is installed in the template 4

when the mold is opened along the plane I-I, the product is extracted from the female die 3 together with the punch 2. When the plate 1 is pushed, its development field is relatively narrow due to the limitation of its lower pin 5. The plate 1 rotates around the shaft 7. The effect of ◆ pellethane TPU can also be properly judged through simple thermal deformation temperature - the best substitute for PVC in medical equipment manufacturing is on the edge of the product attached to it, so that the product rotates around the lower edge and demoulds

because the products are removed from the spherical punch when they are launched, the 66 mold with this structure is only applicable to the injection molding of products with almost zero new capacity (PVC, high-pressure polyethylene, etc.) in the elastic and cultural paper industry


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