Initial battle report of the hottest 618 Carnival

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The preliminary war report of the 618 Carnival day came out., and pinduoduo spent a lot of money on the "hot fight"

[China Packaging News] according to the preliminary data released by, within the first hour of the 618 anniversary, the transaction amount of the e-commerce platform increased by 65% year-on-year

in this mid year promotion activity, other major e-commerce companies also disclosed the latest battle report. In just 16 minutes on the opening day of 618, the transaction amount of consumer electronics of Alibaba's tmall exceeded that in 60 minutes last year. In addition to consumer electronics, cosmetics, clothing, food and other categories are the main "battlefield"

Wang Tao, chief analyst of pinduoduo big data research center, an e-commerce giant in the sinking market, said that as of 12:00 on June 14, pinduoduo had as many as 820million transaction orders on the platform, and about 70% of the physical commodity orders on the platform came from third tier and lower tier cities. 3C digital is becoming a new driver for the rapid growth of orders in the sinking market of the platform

several e-commerce giants have attracted consumers with huge discounts. Among them, the data shows that JD Baitiao has offered a discount of 500million yuan throughout 618, saved 200million yuan in principal, and offered more than 300million yuan in interest and fee; JD also invested 500million yuan to create a "city relay" game, covering 367 cities in China

pinduoduo will jointly subsidize 10billion yuan in cash with the co branding party, and make a substantial profit transfer for 10000 commodities with the highest degree of non grading in the whole process of full heat experimental force and deformation measurement. The 618 carnival with the most brand participation and the largest scale of profit transfer, including the no threshold shopping subsidy of 300 minus 30; Issue 100million red envelopes every day; The total amount of bonds issued at the main venue exceeded 10 billion yuan

it can be seen that the promotion activity represented by the Jingdong 618 store celebration has evolved into a carnival of the whole e-commerce industry. The competition among major e-commerce platforms has become more intense. They are trying to attract consumers by updating their playing methods and increasing subsidies

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