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Introduction: SOHO people advocate freedom, Yapi people pursue elegance, LOHAS love for nature, and different people have different attitudes towards life. These attitudes directly affect their tendency to choose home. Starting from the unique life attitudes of the above three types of urban white-collar workers, this paper has customized three different style bedroom cases for them. Perhaps you who are smart and personalized can also extract their own decoration methods

case 1: SOHO family - free and open single room

suitable house type: open room

house type area: 63 square meters

house type style: modern simple style

suitable for people: SOHO family advocating liberalism

crowd characteristics: SOHO represents a free, flexible and new way of work, while SOHO family refers to those who can freely choose to work according to their own interests and hobbies A group of white-collar workers who are not restricted by time and place and development space. SOHO people pursue a simple and practical home style with practical design, and strive to create a perfect space for themselves to combine work and life

reason for recommendation: this large bay room, with all functional areas fully and effectively combined, has a fully open design, which not only meets the habit of combining life and work of SOHO people, but also creates a sense of openness and freedom, providing an ideal sky for SOHO people to display their talents and enjoy life

case 2: yuppie -- exquisite and elegant Mini duplex

suitable house type: two-story small duplex

house type area: 70 square meters

house type style: European simple style

suitable for people: yuppie people who pursue refinement and affluence

crowd characteristics: yuppie people have a superior social background and have their own pursuit of high-level and high-quality life. They usually have a good higher education, pay attention to elegant appearance and elegant behavior, and refuse vulgarity and exaggeration. Naturally, they also have the same requirements for home, hoping that their home is different

reason for recommendation: This is a high-rise duplex space dominated by black and white and gray. The first floor is used as the formula field for receiving guests, and the second floor is a private bedroom. The design is exquisite, elegant and fashionable. It is the best choice for Yapi people who always want to be unique

case 3: LOHAS - natural and elegant simple home

suitable house type: two bedrooms and one living room

house type area: 95 square meters

house type style: simple pastoral style

suitable for people: LOHAS who adhere to natural and environmental protection

crowd characteristics: LOHAS, also known as LOHAS doctrine, is a new lifestyle group from the west, which comes from the transliteration of LOHAS (abbreviation of English lifestyles of health and sustainability), It means to live a healthy and self-sufficient life, emphasizing "a healthy and sustainable lifestyle". LOHAS always adhere to a natural, healthy and exquisite life attitude close to the origin of life. In terms of living conditions, they naturally tend to live in a natural, energy-saving and environment-friendly home environment

reason for recommendation: this two bedroom and one living room is full of idyllic flavor, pays attention to the use of light sources everywhere, and the overall design style is simple and practical. It's hard to find that there will be mistakes in adding to the snake. Even now, the common electrical appliances in cities can be saved, making it extremely low-carbon and environmentally friendly. For LOHAS who advocate nature, such a room just conforms to their core life philosophy of environmental protection and sustainability





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