40000 decoration, 30 square meters, warm one bedro

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The house is not big, but it's enough to live alone (two people should be enough). The cost is more than 40000. Basically, there's no need to buy any furniture after decoration. It's all done by carpenters on site. It's not necessary to make a platform and a bed. You can sleep by laying a mattress directly. Finally, you can buy a sofa, a tea table and a few chairs


next to the platform is a sofa. Because the place is not large, it is difficult to find a suitable one. Finally, I saw a good one in IKEA, which is very cheap, more than 400. The one on the wall is a shelf for putting picture frames, so it can be directly placed on the shelf without fixing it on the wall with nails. It's also good. It can also put small things such as remote controls. There's not much layout here at present




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