Hearing the Tao and appreciating the sea, the infi

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Hearing the Tao and appreciating the sea are endless, and the wind is flowing in Hansen

-- the first Hansen Cultural Festival 2011 ends with colorful colors

although the first Hansen Cultural Festival has ended perfectly, every wonderful moment is still in my mind. Many agents and shopping guides said, "when can such a cultural festival be held again?" "You can not only learn professional knowledge, but also enjoy the sea and scenery, and relax. Such activities should be held every year."

On August 1, the preparatory group for Hansen Cultural Festival was officially established, thus starting the preparatory work for the conference for more than 20 days. From the design and customization of the T-shirt to the contact, the determination of the lecturer, to the layout of the venue and the hotel, and the preparation of all the details, all the work was completed in an orderly manner. The members of the preparatory group worked overtime and prepared carefully, only to provide a perfect feast and unforgettable journey for the vast number of agents and shopping guides

famous teachers preach only for the decisive terminal

at 18:30 p.m. on August 25, the welcome dinner officially began, opening the curtain of the first Hansen Cultural Festival. At the dinner, the marketing director Nanfang delivered a toast to all the guests on behalf of the company, and the chairman Mr. Bu Baofu also came to the scene to have a cordial exchange with you

on August 26, the two-day terminal practical training, the highlight of this cultural festival, officially began. The company specially invited Mr. Hu Tianmo, a senior training instructor of Hejun Zhiye management consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd., "the first person in China's terminal situational sales", and a practical marketing consultant, to come to the scene to teach and solve your doubts. During the two-day course, Mr. Hu also conquered all the listeners with his elegant demeanor, funny language, and practical personal experience and experience. Everyone was in high spirits and fully engaged in the interactive session set by Mr. Hu. The students' positive emotions infected president Bu and other guests, and they also joined the team's interaction one after another

at the tea party in the evening, Mr. Bu, Mr. Nan, Mr. Hu and all the dealer bosses talked about the development plan of the enterprise and the difficulties they faced, and many problems were solved at the meeting

watch the sea and listen to the waves to feel the exquisite life

on August 28, the students finished the training course and visited the famous scenic spots of Huludao, such as Xingcheng ancient city, Haibin, longhuitou, Hulu villa and so on. For a long time, friends living inland saw the long lost sea and jumped up excitedly and rushed to the sea. They put the bright Hansen flag in every place they passed, and at the same time, every place also left their happy songs and laughter

the first Hansen Cultural Festival came to an end, and the students were full of expectations for the future and embarked on their own journey. They will apply what they learned in this cultural festival to the terminal practice. I believe they will have their own gains, which is also the original intention of holding Hansen Cultural Festival. We look forward to the second Hansen Culture Festival, when Hansen will bring you different highlights. Hansen wooden door, just for exquisite life




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