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China's top ten plate brands: there is a disease in the world called "poor disease"

recently, the Internet was brushed by a film. The film "I'm not a god of medicine", directed and starred by Xu Zheng, has attracted the attention of netizens. On the Internet, cinemas and circles of friends have become the hardest hit areas. I have to admit that this is a new height for domestic films and a new milestone in the history of film

the box office exceeded 1.2 billion in just four days of release, which can be seen from the popularity. Based on real events, the film tells about a frustrated middle-aged sex health care vendor, Cheng Yong, who smuggles fake anti-cancer drugs from India in order to make money. Later, he finds out his conscience and walks towards the road of "curing diseases and saving people"

"I'm not a god of medicine" stabbing heart lines, which one stabbed you

1. He is only twenty years old. He just wants to live. What sin does he have

2. Being ill without medicine is a natural disaster, and being unable to afford medicine is a man-made disaster

3. There is only one disease in this world that you can never cure, that is poverty

I'm not a god of medicine is very heavy:

you will see how leukemia can quickly drain the savings of a well-off family

you will see how helpless you are in the face of disease, whether you have money or not

according to a survey of a children's Hospital in Beijing, 90% of children with leukemia had their homes decorated within half a year

here, the Chinese brand craftsman of fine materials calls on more families to pay attention to the pollution of home decoration. The decoration materials must be environmentally friendly, and the health of families must not take chances

choose a craftsman who can easily dress the whole house + ・ buy today and dress tomorrow to give you a healthy home

fine craftsman health board hereby promises that: the whole house is easy to install + products adopt solid wood multilayer boards of fine craftsman's net aldehyde antibacterial patent series, and the environmental protection performance is better than E0. And it has the advantages of toughness and durability, strong water resistance, high mechanical strength, strong deformation resistance, not easy to crack, and extremely small dry shrinkage expansion coefficient. Strictly control the quality of products from the aspects of raw materials, production and storage. All plates are higher than the latest national mandatory environmental protection standards

health is the most important capital of human beings. Only healthy people can have everything. House, car, ticket, are all floating clouds in front of health. Who will pay for your health if you refuse environmental friendly plank furniture

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