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With the increasingly fierce competition in door and window shopping malls, the shopping choice of consumers usually determines the survival of door and window agents. Nowadays, the increasing number of door and window agents realize the importance of winning and retaining consumers for a long time for the company to compete for the mall, and begin to think of various ways to have "zero distance" contact with consumers. The profit of the door and window agency comes from the consumer. The key for the door and window agency to make the goods sell well is to capture the collective heart of the policy

where does the sales volume of door and window agency stores come from

first, clear the spending policy collective

the time division mission of the door and window agent to formulate the sales policy is divided at will, which is unscientific. In the final analysis, the door and window agent should be clear about the spending policy and know who will use the company's door and window products? To understand where the sales volume of doors and windows comes from, whether it can support the completion of the sales volume, and how the future development trend of the sales situation will change, we need to analyze the costs and draw a conclusion collectively, so as to determine the sales policy

second, looking for spending guidelines under the general environment of the collective

market economy, selling has long gone through the era of "wine is not afraid of the depth of the alley". Facing the increasingly fierce competitive environment and growing selling pressure, if the door and window agents stay at the terminal every day, they are delusional to seize the opportunity and reap the benefits, and only a few consumers will keep it after all. Therefore, the door and window agency should find the overall cost policy and carry out brand promotion to provide consumers with plans or goods. Consumers will naturally have confidence in purchasing goods

third, manage the spending policy collective

clear the policy collective. In the future, the key is to manage these spending collectives reasonably. The agency of doors and windows should subdivide the cost groups, and select the promotion methods suitable for each type of cost groups in the future. Relying on a good store, extend multiple attack points, and the cost channels associated with goods. The cost channels are the goal that the door and window agents can extend infinitely. Establish a "1+n" sales mode, open attacks at multiple points together, and manage as many consumers in each channel as possible. As long as they come here, they will continue

in short, the door and window agents are better at managing the policy spending group in the future, establish a good reputation in the hearts of consumers, and enhance their desire to re purchase and implement. Only in this way can the creation of door and window agents be truly successful





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