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The most attractive thing about home decoration in winter is that all kinds of building materials brands will have substantial preferential price concessions at the end of the year, which can save a lot of home decoration costs in the budget. In winter, the home decoration market is relatively depressed, and home decoration companies will pay the greatest attention, and the service will be in place. Most people choose to avoid winter home decoration, but this is the stereotype thinking formed by people for a long time. With the improvement of material manufacturing and construction level, many raw materials have been able to adapt to the weather requirements of home decoration in winter. As long as we pay more attention to the common problems of home decoration in winter, we can ensure the smooth completion of home decoration

during home decoration construction in winter, in view of the influence of temperature and humidity on materials and processes to varying degrees, the home decoration company should be required to configure humidification and heating equipment on site, and the construction can be carried out after three days of sealing under constant temperature and humidity

the timely ventilation of the site must be ensured during construction, which is not only related to the drying speed of paint materials, but also related to the pollution of the construction site. At the same time, after the decoration, ventilation should be carried out for at least one week to ensure the safety and health of the living environment

floor tiles and tiles should be soaked in water before construction to make the water reach a saturated state, so that during construction, hollowing and falling off will not occur due to poor adhesion with cement due to slurry absorption, and the tiles must be pointed in time after paving

the best time to take care of the wall is between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., during which the temperature is relatively high, which can prevent the newly approved putty from freezing. Each time a new putty is applied, it is necessary to wait until the previous putty is completely dry before continuing the construction, and then carefully polish it with sandpaper

when carrying out gypsum board ceiling operation, the moisture content of the wooden keel must be controlled below 12%, and the keel must not show any signs of loosening, so as to prevent cracks in the gypsum board ceiling. The joints between gypsum boards and between gypsum boards and walls should be left with a gap of about 0.5cm, which should be mixed and filled with gypsum powder and latex, and then double pasted with kraft paper, and then applied with putty, so as to prevent the gypsum board from cracking

it is windy and sandy in winter, and it is easy to attach dust when the paint and paint are not dry, so it is not suitable to paint in windy and dusty weather. Ensure that the ambient temperature of the paint is not less than 5 degrees Celsius, and the ambient temperature of the varnish is not less than 8 degrees Celsius. When the paint is not dry, close the doors and windows to prevent sand from damaging the paint surface

during home decoration in winter, the gap between doors and windows should not be too small, so as to avoid opening in summer and failing to close the doors and windows tightly. Similarly, there should be some room for laying solid wood floors and making furniture to reduce the impact of seasonal temperature difference on wood products

before using the decorative panel, wipe off the floating dust with a dry towel, and apply varnish twice continuously to seal the back. All decorative panels should be placed flat, with a big core board at the bottom and another big core board on top to prevent the panel from cracking and warping

it should be noted that the home decoration company with professional management should be selected for winter construction. Only a good management system can prevent the delay of construction. Of course, being able to often work as a supervisor at the construction site can not only play a supervisory role, but also fully enjoy the excitement of seeing the new home show its beauty day by day. Of course, the work with strong professionalism such as material and process management is still supervised and inspected by professional supervisors, so please forget the saying that winter is a forbidden area for home decoration





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